Welcome to Hope River Farm, in beautiful Prince Edward Island. We produce a delicious variety of pastured and grass-fed meat, which can be purchased at our on-farm store in the summer months or with our online store all year round. We provide a hands on farm experience and tour through Experience PEI.

Please visit our Facebook page for news and day to day happenings on the farm.

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Farm Store

Our on-farm store has shifted to fall hours and is open, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm, on Saturday and Sunday! Give us a call if you wish to show up on another day. The online farm store is available year round. Just place your order and we'll contact you to arrange delivery or pickup.

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Chore Time Experience

From July 1st to September 1st we are happy to provide drop-in a hands-on, Chore Time experience. Learn more.

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Chore Time Experience

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Hope River Farm is located in the rolling farmlands of central Prince Edward Island, just five minutes from Cavendish. Our pastoral, mixed animal farm is the perfect place to reconnect with your childhood memories of the family farm or your very first farm visit.

If you are looking for a hands-on, experiential visit we have partnered with Experience PEI to provide a Chore Time adventure. This lasts approximately two hours and is suitable for all ages.

During Chore Time, you'll throw on some work gloves and get the opportunity to help move the pens, feed and care for all of the animals. It will give you and your family a real understanding of what it takes to run a food producing small farm.

Check out our Chore Time on the River and Wilder show:

About Us

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Hope River Farm is managed by Nancy Sanderson who grew up on a mixed farm in rural Saskatchewan. As the eldest of four she spent hours 'learning from dad' how to do everything from swing a hammer to castrate a bull. Further study in Environmental Science and Veterinary Technology, as well as a Red Seal in Cabinetmaking have all contributed to her 'jack of all trades' skill-set.

Nancy is assisted on the farm by Ken and Kaley, as well as many helpful neighbours, friends and volunteers who instinctively show up when you need them the most.

The Farm

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Hope River Farm is as much about the land as it is the animals we raise. We make operational decisions with a goal that our farm will be part of the surrounding ecosystem, rather than competing with it.

Soil health is also an extremely important aspect of how the farm is managed. A healthy soil ecosystem sequesters carbon, increases water retention and filtration, reduces input requirements, improves nutrient cycling and increases the productivity and quality of forage. Soil health is farm health.

Since taking over the farm we have:

  • increased the size of our woodlots
  • doubled the width of the existing riparian areas
  • planted native trees and shrubs in our woodlots and riparian areas with the assistance of Trout River Environmental Committee and MacPhail Woods
  • created nesting opportunities for birds such as Barn Swallows
  • set up nest boxes for tree swallows to assist the crows with predatory bird harassment
  • use herd guardian dogs to keep predators away
  • use pasture management practices designed to improve soil health

Contact us

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Hope River Farm is located approximetly 30 mins from Charlottetown and Summerside, near Cavendish, PEI (Prince Edward Island).

Email: info@hoperiver.ca
Phone: (902) 621-1958

You may text message us from a mobile device through our Google Business page.

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