Hope River Farm

About Us

Hope River Farm is a small, family run farm and Meat CSA (Community Supported/Shared Agriculture) located in Hope River, Prince Edward Island. Established in 2007 by Ken and Nancy Sanderson, the farm has slowly grown through direct sales and in 2013 started their first yearly subscription service. Hope River Farm will continue to grow, providing quality meat products that focus on quality and the health and wellbeing of the animals and our land.


Nancy Sanderson grew up on a mixed farm in rural Saskatchewan. Her family was involved in developing the Canadian breed of beef cattle called Speckle Park. As the eldest of four she spent hours "learning from dad" how to do everything from swing a hammer to castrate a bull (just not at the same time). Active in 4H and the family business, Nancy has been farming all her life.

Nancy has diplomas in Environmental Sciences and Veterinary Technology specializing in large animals, and has recently earned her Red Seal for Cabinetry.


Ken Sanderson grew up in rural Nova Scotia on the family's trout farm.

Ken has a diploma in Environmental Sciences and currently works for an environmental non-profit as a GIS and Web Developer. Ken considers himself a "Google Farmer" and is always learning about how others are doing things differently and looking for ways to apply their lessons to Hope River Farm.


Kaley is the local animal whisperer, namer of animals and chore helper. Rarely with shoes on during the summer, she spends a large amount of time with her animal 'family'.

Contact Us

Hope River Farm is located approximetly 30 mins from Charlottetown and Summerside, near Cavendish, PEI (Prince Edward Island).

Email: info@hoperiver.ca
Phone: (902) 621-1958